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Welcome to PouncingPaws Persians!

My name is Christine and I specialize in the breeding of Persians cats.

My name is Christine & own PouncingPaws Persians is a small closed cattery

established in 1998.

My kittens are born into this world by my hands but raised with my heart

I produce only a few litters per year

I am located in Eastern Ontario, Canada along the St. Lawrence Seaway.

All of my cats are tested negative for Fungus,  FIV, FelV,

and DNA tested & scanned negative for PKD by UC Davis.

I am a proud CFA registered cattery

My cattery produces the following colours & patterns:

Smokes, Blue, Reds, Silver in Tabbies and Patch,

In solids and Bi-colours

My kittens are raised “under foot”, which leads to a high level of socialization. By the time they are ready to leave for their forever home, they’re used to the hustle and bustle of a home environment, and will readily adapt to the norms of their new home

My main breeding goal is health, temperament, and breed standards (in that order).

None of my cats are de-clawed and I do not place them in homes where this is the intention

There are alternatives that are less painful and cruel.

My Persians are  shipped domestically and internationally.

Thank you for visiting